Our offerings, in both content and delivery, reflect the common thread found in Wisdom Teachings throughout the ages about wellness, nature, and the beauty of the human spirit.  We practice and infuse our offerings with respect, gratitude, an open-mind and heart, non-fixing or judging, and compassion.

Earth and Sky is a shamanic collective that grew naturally from our collaborations as energy-medicine practitioners and Earth-keepers to create and offer heart-centered spiritual venues for personal transformation. We share a common vision: that our shamanic services weave beauty, meaning, and balance into each step of one’s journey.

We offer healing and wellness services for individuals, groups, organizations, and communities designed to help people walk their most empowered path.  We believe in the unlimited potential for creating beauty in the world.

Patricia Shannon, MS, allowed her passion for wellness and harmony at the level of the soul to lead her from the world of corporate Information Technology to the world of the Shaman where she helps people resolve challenges they face in their everyday life, empowering them to step into their highest destiny.

After studying numerous energy modalities, her lifelong interest in metaphysics and the spiritual guided her to the wisdom teachings of the Andean Shaman of Peru. She experienced much of her own healing as she walked the shamanic path and completed intensive studies at The Four Winds with master shaman Alberto Villoldo.  She now brings these powerful medicine teachings to others through her shamanic practice in Vernon, CT called Andean Bliss.  A commitment to share the wisdom of the ancients  was a key factor in co-creating Earth and Sky and in being a founding-member of the Alliance for Holistic Living, an organization dedicated to building holistic awareness step-by-step.  

Patricia is a full-mesa carrier and certified energy-medicine practitioner of The Four Winds Light Body School.  Working with your luminous field  she helps you transform your life through physical wellness, spiritual healing, and sacred ceremony. In her private practice, workshops and daily experiences, Patricia is wholeheartedly committed to being aware that life is full of magic and wonder.  You can contact her at Patricia.shannon1@sbcglobal.net or 860-871-5467.

Earth and Sky

Marian’s services help people see new possibilities and make their own connection to their potential. With a creative, vibrant, and compassionate approach, she assists her clients to release their limiting beliefs, and to restore balance, passion, and a lightness of spirit. She has completed advanced programs in shamanic healing with world renowned shamans, including Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Alberto Villoldo, and Jose Luis Herrera. Marian is an Energy Medicine Practitioner certified through The Four Winds Light Body School. Through rites given by traditional Q'ero elders of Peru and contemporary shamans, she is initiated as a full mesa carrier.

The services Marian offers are based on her heartfelt vision that we all have the extraordinary potential for wholeness - to dream and create beauty in this world. Like the earth and sky all life is wonderfully inter-connected, calling us to tend to ourselves, our planet, and one another.

She is a co-founder of Earth and Sky, a shamanic wellness collective; a member of the Alliance for Holistic Living, a community based service and educational volunteer organization; and a past board member and current member of Windham Area Hour Exchange,  a community organization where members exchange services using a time-based currency.

For appointments contact Marian at 860-918-8703 or marianvitali@sbcglobal.net and to find out more about her healing sessions, ceremonies,  programs, and divination readings go to www.WholeLifeWellnessShaman.com. ​ 

​Marian Vitali

Dr. Marian Vitali DC, BFA, RYT, has devoted her professional years to providing therapeutic wellness services and education to thousands of people. These services have included: chiropractic, mindfulness-based stress reduction, yoga, and shamanic energy medicine.   

All this began with a heightened feeling of being on fire with the connections between holistic healing, spirituality, and creativity. These connections fully came together when Marian answered a call from the depths of her heart and opened her practice, WholeLife Wellness and Shamanic Services LLC. That step took courage and trust, which only became possible after her own personal transformation through shamanic healing and ceremonies. The keystone for her was to once again feel connected to her fire and to bring it to life.

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