This class continues the 3rd Friday monthly presentations at Spirit Matters on Modern Shamanism and its relevancy in today's world.

Description: Our path of magic and peace is peppered with our own sticky attachments and expectations that we are challenged to either address or live with.

Join us to step into the world of the Modern Shaman to examine and acknowledge the attachments and expectations that may be holding you, and allow yourself instead to be open to new possibilities, more lightheartedness, joy, and satisfaction with your life, friends, family, and self.

Fee $20; Register with Patricia, or 860-871-5467

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A Shamanic Wellness Collective

Friday, Jan. 20, 2017


Spirit Matters at

Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center

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Manchester, CT

Heart-based Medicine  - A Path of Empowerment

Earth and Sky

Trading Attachments & Expectations for Joy

Earth and Sky is a shamanic collective  that grew naturally from our collaborations as shamanic practitioners to create and offer heart-centered spiritual venues for personal transformation.

We share a common vision: that our shamanic services  help weave beauty, meaning, and balance into each step of one’s journey.