Dynamic Series

Extended into June

June 2, 2018



Spirit Matters at

Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center

199 West Center Street, Manchester, CT

Navigate "All That You Are" with Passion

A Shamanic Wellness Collective

​​Earth and Sky is a shamanic collective that grew naturally from our collaborations as energy-medicine practitioners and Earth-keepers to create and offer heart-centered spiritual venues for personal transformation.

We share a common vision: that our services help weave beauty, meaning, and balance into each step of one’s journey.

Earth and Sky

Join us for the final session

A deep dive into your Creator Self

Discover that part of you that yearns to be set free! 

Has your true path become hidden?

Have you forgotten the beautiful essence of who you are?

​This series of classes nurtures your natural energy body with light and love through poignant wisdom teachings and Energetic Rites of the Medicine People of the Andes (Munay-Ki Rites).  


Upcoming - Part 2 in 2018

Heart-based Medicine

A Path of Empowerment